Optic-ID : all your papers in this secured sticker!

You can stick it on your phone or under your watch.
It is waterproof, insensitive to weather conditions, totally passive and therefore without risk of battery failure.

This sticker gives you full power:

to prove your identity, show your driver's license, your passport, your visas your diplomas and all possible attestations,
to pay online or face to face, transfer money, access all your bank accounts,
to give access to the people of your choice to the confidential documents that you want to communicate to them: pay slips, tax forms, medical data, etc.

The PopimsCode application is the terminal of a secure network that guarantees your freedom.

The application connects to servers only through a network of secure routers. You will not be directed to a fraudulent site.
Our global server network acts as a proxy: it prevents the deposit of cookies, hides your IP address and all the characteristics of your smartphone allowing the servers to identify you.

The first fully secure barcode

It can only be used with the PopimsCode application (and soon also by the application of the World Customs Organization and many other civil and military authorities) that can detect a copy, even very well made.
It cannot be reproduced identically. Each copy is absolutely unique.

You can own many duplicates

You can turn them on or off at any time.
You can give each one different powers: these are keys that open access to all types of documents corresponding to the key, to the trusted third parties that you have chosen yourself.
All this is made possible by its negligible cost price.